Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rowatinex Helps to Eliminate Renal Calculi

Rowatinex is a renal therapy that comes in the form of capsules and liquid. The capsules are yellow spherical, enteric-coated soft gelatin capsules containing a pale yellow or greenish yellow oil while the liquid form is a pale yellow or greenish yellow oil. The main function of Rowatinex is to eliminate renal calculi and has been shown to prevent their formation. In addition, Rowatinex has also been found to assist in the elimination of fragments of renal calculi following lithotripsy.

There are some warnings and precautions regarding this medication which you must pay specialy attention to because the medicine is not suitable for use in patients with severe colic, anuria or severe infection of the urinary tract. Also, even though there has not been any teratogenic effects reported, this medication should not be given in the first trimester of pregnancy. Although no evidence is available, Rowatinex should not be given to lactating females either. Moreover, caution should be used in patients receiving oral anti- coagulants or other drugs metabolised by the liver where dose is critical.

Severe negative sides effects of Rowatinex is not common. Studies have shown that an insignificant number of patients reported slight and transient gastric disturbance. Vomiting has been rarely reported. In two cases there was drug intolerance with the cause unknown.